VSA Now Standard Across the Honda Range


For the first time VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) is standard across the Honda range on all 2010 year models. VSA is designed to assist the driver in maintaining control during cornering, acceleration and sudden manoeuvres by applying brake force to the right or left hand wheels as necessary and managing the throttle and ignition systems


By monitoring input from a series of vehicle sensors, VSA calculates a predicted range of vehicle response while constantly monitoring the vehicle's actual response and the driver's control inputs. If the actual response is outside the predicted response range, as when cornering forces exceed the tyres' performance, VSA automatically intervenes with corrective action. The system is calibrated to provide stability and predictability, without stifling the driving enjoyment of the carefully engineered chassis, while the driver can disable the system if desired.

Overall ride comfort benefits from a high rigidity body, achieved through extensive body reinforcement measures including the use of high tensile steel. Excellent rigidity around the suspension mounting points generates good steering linearity and rear stability.