Honda CR-V is Crowned 4x4 of the Year

2 January 2013


The Honda Accord has emerged as the most reliable car in a survey by Which? magazine. 

A study of 84,000 cars in the Which? survey found that the Honda Accord gave its owners almost no problems, with 98.5 per cent reporting that their vehicle had required no attention whatsoever last year. The magazine based its reliability survey on whether a car had broken down, been taken back to the dealer or had any niggles over the past 12 months.                         


Honda cars took four of the top seven places in the 10 most reliable cars

The 7 most reliable cars:  


1.  Honda Accord (2008-present) 98.5%                                                                               

2.  Honda Jazz (2008-present) 98.2%                                                                                 
3.  Daihatsu Sirion (2005-present) 97.5%                                                                             

4.  Hyundai i30 (2007-present) 96.8%                                                                               

5.  Ford Fiesta (2008-present) 96.2%                                                                                

6.  Honda Jazz (2002-2008) 95.9%                                                                                    
7.  Honda Civic Hybrid (2006-present) 95.7%