Honda Genuine Oils & Fluids

Oil Range

Nothing can do more to assure optimum performance and prolong the life of your Honda than by using the range of Genuine Oils and Fluids specifically developed for your Honda. In choosing any one of our Honda Genuine Oils or Fluids you can be assured of its high standard of quality. Why risk potential damage, a reduction in performance or costly repair bills by using an incorrect grade of oil? Protect your investment and always insist on the use of Honda Genuine Oils and Fluids when you leave you car in for service.

A Comparison

Below you will see a comparison of a cross section between two engines, one using a Honda Genuine Oil and one using an aftermarket brand.

The visual result after only 5,000km is quite remarkable.


Honda Oil Brand X
Honda Genuine Oil Aftermarket Brand
The engine tested with Honda Genuine Oil remains with no discolouration and with its original consistency. The engine tested with an aftermarket brand has discoloured and also the consistency has visibly changed.


Get the best protection for your engine with Honda Genuine Engine Oil

  • Ensures maximum engine performance & Protection
  • Increases Fuel Efficiency
  • Lowers emissions output
  • Protects the engine under extreme operating conditions
  • Meets Honda’s demanding specifications
  • Specified as the only oil for our new, advanced engine designs
  • Helps prevent the formation of sludge and deposits

Diesel Engine Oil

The recommended diesel engine oil (for Western European driving and weather conditions) is fully synthetic engine oil meeting the minimum specification of ACEA C2. The viscosity for this oil should be 0W-30.

Petrol Engine Oil

The recommended petrol engine oil, with the exception of Hybrid models, (for Western European driving and weather conditions) is a synthetic engine oil meeting the minimum specification of ACEA A1/B1. The range of Honda Genuine Oil viscosities are 0W-20, 5W40 and 10W40.

Hybrid Engine Oil

For all our hybrid engines, Honda Civic IMA, Honda Insight and the all new Honda CR-Z, we recommend the specifically developed Honda Green Oil. This unique oil has been specifically designed by Honda R&D during the development of the Honda Insight. As a result of it’s low viscosity, it’s fuel efficient properties result in less Co2 emissions which is kinder to the environment.

Honda Genuine Power Steering Fluid and Brake Fluid

These unique fluids contain specified additives designed to help prevent fluid oxidisation and internal wear, the most crucial areas that influence power steering noise and brake performance. Using a non genuine brake fluid can cause corrosion and potentially decrease the life expectancy of the affected systems. For performance and peace of mind, use only Honda Genuine Brake and Power Steering Fluids.

Honda Genuine Transmission Fluid

Honda’s specifically formulated transmission fluid offers superior anti-shudder performance, resulting in a smoother gear change and prolonged life. Using a non genuine transmission fluid can impact on the performance of your transmission in the form of difficult gear change, shudder and low fluid pressure.

Available Honda Genuine Transmission Fluids;

Manual Transmission Fluid: MTF3
Automatic Transmission Fluid: ATF-Z1
Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid: