Service Schedule Chart

Service Plan Terms and Conditions



1.1. AGREEMENT - means the HondaCare Service Plan agreement made between you the Customer and Universal Honda Ltd., 302 Brownsbarn Drive, Citywest Business Campus, Naas Road, Dublin 24.,in respect of the Vehicle identified on this letter.

1.2. CUSTOMER – means: The person, firm or company whose details appear on this letter.

1.3. DEALER – means: An individual, partnership or Company authorised to sell or provide a HondaCare Service Plan or carry out the servicing contained in this agreement.

1.4. HONDA Customer Service – means: Universal Honda Ltd., 302 Brownsbarn Drive, Citywest Business Campus, Naas Road, Dublin 24.,

1.5. SERVICE SCHEDULE – means: The Services as detailed within the service book supplied with your vehicle.

1.6. SERVICE AND SERVICING – means: The servicing of the Vehicle in accordance with the Manufacturer's standard service schedules provided within the Service Book.

1.7. VEHICLE – means: The Customer's motor vehicle as detailed on this letter.


The Customer will:

2.1. Contact an Authorised Honda Dealer and make an appointment to have the car serviced when the service reminder system indicates a service is due

2.2. Notify Universal Honda Ltd. if their principal address, as shown on this letter changes.

2.3. Notify Universal Honda Ltd. if the Vehicle has been written off or destroyed or exported out of the Republic of Ireland.

2.4. Not make, or permit to be made, any mechanical alterations or modifications to the Manufacturer's standard specification for the Vehicle without obtaining the prior written consent of Universal Honda Ltd.

2.5. Check all fluid and oil levels on a regular basis and replenish them where necessary.


4.1. Only applies to Honda motor vehicles purchased from an authorised Honda dealer in the Republic of Ireland.


The Dealer will carry out servicing of the Vehicle in accordance with the Vehicle Service Reminder System as soon as is reasonably practicable after being requested to do so by the Customer.


Universal Honda Ltd. will cover the cost of parts, labour, fluids and vat for the scheduled maintenance of the vehicle for a period of 2 years or 40,000 km whichever occurs sooner and will include the following operations;


  • Upto a maximum of  2 “A” Services
  • Upto a maximum of  2 “B” Services
  • 1 Dust and Pollen Filter replacement “2 Service”


All of the above will be carried out in accordance with the codes as indicated by the vehicles integrated vehicle reminder system (SvRS). For more detailed information on the SvRS system please consult the owner’s handbook and the service book for the vehicle. Additional wear and tear items such as tyres, Brake pads, Wiper blades etc. are not covered by this Scheduled Maintenance Contract.


6.1. The Customer may, transfer their rights and obligations under this Agreement to a subsequent owner of the Vehicle provided that they give Universal Honda Ltd. written notice of the transfer stating the name and address of the transferee and the date of transfer.

6.2. This Agreement cannot be assigned / transferred to a different Vehicle.


This Agreement shall terminate on the earliest of the following events:

7.1. On completion of the Service Plan i.e. When 2 “A” , 2 “B” and 1 “2” services have been completed or when 2 years or 40,000 Km has been reached.

7.2. On Universal Honda Ltd. giving notice of cancellation in writing to the Customer.

7.3. Where the Customer is in breach of any of his obligations under this Agreement.


If this Agreement is cancelled by or on behalf of the Customer, NO REFUND OF THE SERVICE PLAN COST IS ALLOWED.


9.1. The Customer agrees that Universal Honda may use personal information relating to the Customer which it obtains in relation to this Agreement for marketing and market research purposes relating to Honda products or Services.

9.2. The Customer may withdraw their consent under clause 9.1 at any time by writing to Universal Honda Ltd at the address stated in clause 1.1.


10.1. The terms and conditions of this Agreement cannot be altered or amended by any person except by specific written endorsement by Universal Honda Ltd.

10.2. The mileage quoted in no way guarantees the true distance covered by the Vehicle, and is indicated only as a guide to when servicing is due. Failure to maintain the odometer (mileage recorder) in working order or disconnecting it or tampering with it will invalidate this Servicing plan Agreement. Any change of odometer mileage recorder must be notified to Universal Honda Ltd. with the new mileage reading within 14 days by post.

10.3 Universal Honda Ltd reserves the right in their absolute discretion to disqualify any vehicle, to add to, or waive any rule without prior notice to the customers and, in the event of circumstances beyond their control, to cancel the promotion at any stage.

10.4 This offer is limited to Honda passenger vehicles sourced only from Universal Honda Ltd. and purchased from a main Honda Dealer in the Republic of Ireland.

10.5 This offer is only available at participating Authorised Honda Dealers.

10.6 Participation in this offer is hereby deemed to indicate acceptance of the terms and conditions as outlined. Any breach of these terms and conditions, as decided exclusively by Universal Honda Ltd. will result in automatic disqualification.


11.1 Make an appointment with your local Authorised Honda Dealer and arrange to have your car serviced at a mutually convenient time.



12.1 In the unlikely event of a dispute occurring. You should first address any complaint to the Servicing Dealer.

12.2 If you do not obtain satisfaction from the Servicing Dealer, you can refer the matter in writing to:


Universal Honda Ltd
Customer Service Department, 302 Brownsbarn Drive, Citywest Business Campus, Naas Road, Dublin 24.