No matter your Honda model or lifestyle, you will always find something in our broad collection that fits your taste. Whether you wear the items during events or in your free time, you can make Honda a part of your life both on and off the road. From clothing to accessories, Honda’s Dream Collection is produced with the same design and quality standards in mind as are used for the production of our cars, motorcycles or any other products. Experience the brand you trust with Honda’s Dream Collection. For more information on the Dreamwear Collection please your Honda dealer today.

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The Collection 



  • Knirps Umbrella

    Knirps Umbrella

    The compact Knirps umbrella fits perfectly in the glovebox of your Honda. The grey umbrella features a white Honda logo and comes with a handy strap and cover for when it’s not in use. The umbrella has a fluid manual opening mechanism and is a collaboration between Honda and premium umbrella manufacturer Knirps. Made of 100% polyester pongee.

    Part No. 08MLW-22G-UMB

  • Jazz Tote Bag

    Jazz Tote Bag

    This bag is made of a nice sturdy quality cotton, so you have a durable companion for your shopping trips. Made of 100% biological cotton (label OCS 100).

    Part No. 08MLW-21G-JBAG

  • Window Cleaner and Scraper

    Window Cleaner and Scraper

    The Window Cleaner - Scraper is the perfect gadget for your car. It effortlessly cleans dirty windows with its microfibre pad, while the ice scraper cover will make de-icing your windows a breeze. The microfibre pad is very soft and is machine washable at 60°C so it can be re-used multiple times. The special ice scraper cover is made of an indestructible synthetic material that doesn’t scratch your car’s windows.

    Made of ABS plastic and EPS plastic (Styropur). Packed per 2 pieces.

    Part No. 08MLW-21G-WCL

  • Bicycle Lights

    Bicycle Lights

    A pair of two plastic bicycle lights which feature two LED lamps with blinking function. It comes with a silicon strap for attachment and an on/off button. Each set comes in a separate bag and contains one white lamp with white light and one red lamp with red light. Packed per 2 sets of 2 lamps.

    Part No. 08MLW-21G-MSET

  • Charging Cable

    Charging Cable

    This retractable 3-in-1 charging cable allows you to connect and charge multiple devices via a single USB-socket. The item is equipped with a USB, lightning, microUSB and USB-C connector.

    Part No. 08MLW-23G-CCA

  • CR-V Travel Mug

    CR-V Travel Mug

    Stainless steel travel mug with a capacity of 310ml. The rugged styling fits your CR-V perfectly. The mug comes in black with a white CR-V logo.

    Part No. 08MLW-21G-CMUG

  • Honda Pin

    Honda Pin

    Nickel cast H-logo to complement your formal look. Can be worn on any textile material with the butterfly closure on the back.

    Part No. 08MLW-20G-PIN

  • Espresso Cups

    Espresso Cups

    Enjoy your shot of espresso with these classy espresso cups. These white cups feature a grey tyre pattern and a red Honda logo. A white saucer is included for each cup. Made of ceramic.

    Part No. 08MLW-20G-ESP

  • Honda Mug

    Honda Mug

    This set consists of two different mugs in one box. The white mug features a grey tyre pattern with a red Honda logo, while the black version has a grey checkered flag pattern with a red Honda logo. Made of ceramic.

    Part No. 08MLW-20G-MUG

  • A5 Notebook

    A5 Notebook

    This A5 hardcover notebook has a soft feel and a black design with white Honda logos. It includes 96 sheets and the cover is made of PU plastic. 

    Part No. 08MLW-23G-A5NB

  • Pen


    Rubberised matte metal ball point pen with a soft touch. The pen is black and has a grey laser engraved Honda logo. The pen comes with a European quality Parker type blue ink filling.

    Part No. 08MLW-21G-PEN

  • Business Car Holder

    Business Car Holder

    Business card holder in black with a metal plate and engraved Honda logo on the front. Folds open and can contain about 15 business cards.

    Part No. 08MLW-21G-BCH

  • Lanyard


    The grey lanyard with silk imprint white Honda logos has a quick release buckle around the key area. The metal hook makes adding or taking off keys very smooth and easy. 

    Part No. 08MLW-23G-LANY

Baby & Child

  • Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear

    A perfect gift for the youngest members of the Honda family! This cute bear with an ivory-coloured t-shirt with a red Honda logo will make everyone’s heart melt. 

    Part No. 08MLW-23G-BEAR

  • Baby Bib

    Baby Bib

    A bright red bib with a bold white Honda logo, the perfect accessory for your baby or toddler at meal times. It features an adjustable strap and a useful pocket to catch any food that would otherwise fall on the floor. Made of 100% silicon

    Part No. 08MLW-22G-BIB

  • Soother


    Red and white orthodontic transparent silencers featuring the Honda logo. Size 2 (6-18 months). Each blister contains two soothers. Made from BPA-free silicon, EN1400 compliant.

    Part No. 08MLW-18G-SIL

  • Baby Set

    Baby Set

    The perfect gift for parents and of course, our newest fans. The contrasting grey and red beanie with mittens are the perfect way to keep your newborn warm and cosy in the first weeks. The mittens feature a strap to avoid them being taken off unintentionally and lost. Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

    Part No. 08MLW-22G-BBSET


  • Hoodie


    With this dark grey hoodie you will always be comfortable while showing off your Honda love. It features a black accent in the hood, along with contrasting red adjusting cords and a white logo on the front and back. Made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The black softshell jacket with contrasting red stripes and a red mesh on the side is the perfect jacket to wear when the days start to get a bit chillier. It features a breast pocket on the front and a red Honda logo on the shoulder. Made of 100% polyester.

    Part Number:
    Hoodie 3XL 08MLW-23G-H3X
    Hoodie 2XL 08MLW-23G-H2X
    Hoodie XL 08MLW-23G-HXL
    Hoodie L 08MLW-23G-HL
    Hoodie S 08MLW-23G-HS

  • Shirt


    Suit up and get ready to go to your meetings today. This stylish dark grey shirt with a white embroided Honda logo above the front pocket and a printed logo on the back is the perfect addition to your professional look. You can combine this with any item in your closet and still look sharp. Made of 100% cotton.

    Part Number:
    Shirt 3XL 08MLW-23G-S3X
    Shirt 2XL 08MLW-23G-S2X
    Shirt XL 08MLW-23G-SXL
    Shirt L 08MLW-30G-SL
    Shirt M 08MLW-23G-SM
    Shirt S 08MLW-23G-SS

  • T-Shirt


    This dark grey T-shirt features a contrasting black chest pocket and white Honda logo prints on the front and the back. It is also detailed with Fiery Red contrast stitching at the sleeves and bottom, making it the perfect addition for your casual summer look. Made of 95% cotton 5% elastane.

    Part Number:
    T-Shirt 3XL 08MLW-23G-TS3X
    T-Shirt 2XL 08MLW-23G-TS2X
    T-Shirt XL 08MLW-23G-TSXL
    T-Shirt L 08MLW-23G-TSL
    T-Shirt M 08MLW-23G-TSM
    T-Shirt S 08MLW-23G-TSS

  • Flatpeak Cap

    Flatpeak Cap

    The perfect cap for when the sun comes out. Finished in high quality grey fabric with a red underside of the brim, it features a grey logo patch on the front and a black adjustable strap at the rear. Made of 100% cotton.

    Part No. 08MLW-22G-FCAP

  • Baseball Cap

    Baseball Cap

    For those who prefer the classic baseball cap, we’ve got you covered. This cap features a black embroidered Honda logo on the front and an adjustable fabric strap with white Honda branding at the rear. The contrasting red underside of the brim completes the look. Made of 100% cotton.

    Part No. 08MLW-22G-BCAP

  • Beanie


    The perfect accessory for when the days get colder and you still want to look good. This grey beanie with a black logo patch on the front, will keep you warm during cold winter days. Made of 100% acrylic.

    Part No. 08MLW-22G-HAT

Travel & Holiday

  • Trolley Suitcase

    Trolley Suitcase

    You will definitely find this cabin size trolley useful when traveling by plane. The trolley features red accent zippers and a red interior lining with Honda branding. The zipped pocket on the front is useful to stow away your travel documents, while the interior compartment helps to organise your luggage. The trolley has a soft shell, which makes it easier to pack your luggage. Made of 100% polyeste

    Part No. 08MLW-22G-TRL

  • Duffle Bag

    Duffle Bag

    This grey duffle bag with sporty red accents is the perfect companion for your weekend trips. It features handles with a white Honda logo and a shoulder carrying strap for comfort when carrying longer distances. Various pockets on the outside and an extra zipped bag on the inside, ensure you have all the space you need. Made of 100% polyester.

    Part No. 08MLW-22G-DFB

  • Toiletry Bag

    Toiletry Bag

    When travelling abroad, you’ll need a spacious bag to carry your toiletry items with you. This grey bag with a red base, features various compartments on the inside and a zipped storage in the lid. The integrated hook makes it easy to hang-up in compact spaces. Made of 100% polyester.

    Part No. 08MLW-22G-TTB

  • I1 Bisonte Glasses Case

    I1 Bisonte Glasses Case

    Italian design brand Il Bisonte and Honda have combined to bring you this high quality glasses case. It features Honda branding on the front clasp and an Il Bisonte logo at the rear. This case is the perfect way to protect and store your glasses or sunglasses in style. Made of 100% leather. Available in 4 colours: black, white, red and blue

    Part Number:
    Il Bisonte Glasses Case Black 08MLW-22G-CAS1
    Il Bisonte Glasses Case White 08MLW-22G-CAS2
    Il Bisonte Glasses Case Red 08MLW-22G-CAS3
    Il Bisonte Glasses Case Blue 08MLW-22G-CAS4

  • Beach Tennis Set

    Beach Tennis Set

    Set of two high quality beach rackets made of wood. The rackets are red with a white Honda logo. The handle is reinforced and the rackets come in a mesh bag together with a ball.

    Part No. 08MLW-21G-TEN


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