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Honda Genuine Parts

Honda Original Parts are designed to the highest specification and standard to meet the demands of modern driving and as a result Honda Original Parts increase performance.

Four times: Honda Air & Pollen Filters capture 99.9% of impurities in the air. This is four times more than some other filters. These when tested, only filtered 75% of particles. Honda filters are also designed to last ten times longer than some non-Honda filters.

Two tracks: Where’s the best place to test our cars? To push them to the limits of their endurance? Honda thought a race track would be good, so they built two: Suzuka and Motegi, the result?, six consecutive F1 constructors championships and parts for your car that perform at the highest level.

Honda Original Parts are safer

    • 80%

      Is the number of competitor brake discs that don’t meet Honda’s stringent standards. Every Honda Brake Disc is engineered specifically for each Honda model.

       Honda carefully monitor all the metals used in the engineering of each disc, by changing the metal by using a non-Honda disc it can affect the ABS system and increase the stopping distance.

    • 100%

      Is the amount of emissions that pass into the catalyst and not into the inside of your car or the environment.

       Honda know the difference that 1% can make to you so for each model the Honda Exhaust is tested to a zero tolerance level in a hermetically sealed chamber during the development process.

Honda Original Parts are more durable

    • 100 hours: Honda test their Oil Filters above the rev limit for 100 hours solid. This ensures that they can withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations. They are manufactured with 60% more filter inside than regular oil filters, so your engine is fully protected between services.

    • 200 times: Is how much longer a Honda Charcoal Pollen Filter lasted compared to a competitor filter when tested under extreme conditions.

    • 8 years: Is the average life expectancy of a Honda Stainless Steel Exhaust. Honda searched the world over to find a manufacturer to meet their standards and discovered most competitors didn’t which is why Honda started their own exhaust company.

    • 70 hours: Is how long the ‘heat test’ for the Honda Timing Belt lasts. Firstly a belt is heated to 125 degrees for 70 hours. The belt is then boiled in oil for another 70 hours and finally it is driven the equivalent of twice around the world. This means that you can be confident that your Honda will not let you down when Honda Original Parts are fitted.

Only Honda Original Parts ensure that you're Honda runs as it was engineered to, the next time you have your Honda serviced keep your Honda, a Honda.

Our Genuine Parts

You are the owner of a Honda and we trust that you are entirely satisfied with your vehicle. Your Honda is a collection of individual parts that fit together perfectly to create a safe, reliable and efficient motor vehicle. These parts were made with Honda DNA, thus offering an additional guarantee of your vehicle’s reliability. Honda Genuine Maintenance Parts safeguard your car’s continuing high standards of performance in terms of safety, comfort and driveability. These Honda Genuine Maintenance Parts are of identical quality to those used in the making of Honda vehicles.

For all your Honda maintenance needs, we have a full range of Genuine Parts that are specifically designed for your vehicle, tested and approved by our experts and engineers. Only these parts offer you optimal value for money, reliability and peace of mind.

By choosing Honda Genuine Maintenance Parts for your vehicle’s maintenance needs:

  • You are helping to ensure that your vehicle will continue to offer you a comfortable ride, superior handling and road-holding qualities and the highest standards of protection 
  • You are helping to extend your vehicle’s useful life
  • You can enjoy many years of enjoyable motoring



Engines require a certain amount of clean air to operate properly. Air filters prevent dirt, dust and other contaminants from entering the engine, and allow the engine to perform at its best by providing a supply of air with the least amount of air resistance possible. The replacement interval for the air filter has been set to suit the usage time.

Importance of air filters
Honda Genuine Air Filters use an original viscous type of filter. Viscous type air cleaner elements have a special oil applied to the filter paper that guarantees outstanding performances: 

  • Air intake efficiency remains high as there is minimal airflow resistance. 
  • A proprietary filter paper material and structure mean the air filter has a long operating life.

Adapting Filtering
Honda Genuine Air Filters have been developed to ensure the maximum performance of each engine, by testing them for performance to suit the temperature, dust quality and environment of each particular region.

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Engines require clean fuel to operate properly. Fuel filters help to remove dirt and other contaminants from the fuel before supplying it to the engine. Resulting in excellent engine performance and long life.

When refuelling during ordinary use of the car, fine dirt may enter the fuel tank when opening and closing the fuel cap and this can build up within the fuel filter, and cause it to become blocked. The fuel filter must be replaced regularly following the recommended maintenance schedule

Importance of Fuel Filters

The suction filter removes large dirt, and the fuel is then sucked into the fuel pump. The fuel is then filtered again by the fuel filter before passing through the fuel pipe and being fed to the engine fuel injectors. 

If the fuel filter becomes blocked, the amount of fuel sprayed by the fuel injectors decreases, or they may not spray at all. 

When this happens, the engine may experience conditions similar to when the car runs out of fuel resulting in poor engine performance or acceleration, engine stalls and difficulty starting the engine.

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Oil filters are designed to filter out metallic powder or other contaminants generated within the oil due to oxidation, such as varnish or sludge, and return clean oil free of contaminants to the engine. If the oil filter becomes blocked and the relief valve remains open, contaminants cannot be removed from the oil and are circulated within the engine, which may result in engine damage.

Unique design with "irregular folds":

  • The filter comprises a unique series of folds to increase its surface area, resulting in superior filtration and operating life.
  •  When the engine is stopped, the design of these filters prevents oil from draining from oil channels throughout the engine. This ensures that oil is supplied to required areas as soon as the engine is restarted.

Peace of Mind 
Honda Genuine Oil Filters are tested for each series of engine and manufactured to provide optimal filtration conditions for a complete peace of mind.

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The mission of the pollen filter is to protect the drivers' health. Dust, pollen and other contaminants from air passing through the filter, both from outside the vehicle and from within the cabin. The cabin filter is your best protection from pollen and fine or ultra-fine dust (coming from both natural and human sources). It ensures that clean air is always supplied to the heating and ventilation system.

Few drivers are aware of the need to regularly change cabin filters. Fine Dust particles are dangerous to your health. When inhaled in, particles smaller than approximately 2 microns are absorbed into the lower respiratory tract and lungs and cannot be expelled by exhaling: they remain as deposits. 

Other bad effects: 

  • Reduced efficiency of the heating and air conditioning systems 
  • Less favourable hygienic conditions 
  • Unpleasant odours
  •  Poor demisting of the front windscreen

Importance of Genuine Pollen Filters
Viewed under the microscope we can see the superiority of Honda Genuine Pollen Filters: 3 layers in comparison with other products. Due to these 3 layers, the Honda Genuine Pollen Filter will also filter the small particles. 

Adapting Filtering 
Honda Genuine Pollen Filters have been specially designed for each particular model of vehicle to ensure that dust, pollen and other contaminants cannot flow through to the evaporator via air gaps. 

Honda Genuine Pollen Filters Strengths  
Designed with a superior filter paper with air holes that trap fine dirt and dust (the area of the filter differs by model) High efficiency due to minimal airflow resistance Long operating life thanks to a superior filter paper material and structure.

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Other Parts and Accessories


The battery starts the engine and supplies power to electrical components such as the lights and audio system, but is also used for backing up each of the car’s computers and control units.

Honda's Battery Check, a specific service  
To be sure your battery is powerful enough, Honda recommended that a battery test is carried out. With their specialised testers, our Honda technicians are able to judge whether a battery is degraded, or if the battery is at a low state of charge.

High engine start-up performance  
Honda Genuine Batteries really improve the electrical efficiency by special alloy plates. Thanks to the low resistance separator, they realise the excellent start-up performance even in extreme cold. 

High Durability 
60% longer durability when compared with a standard battery, ensuring a long life. 

Long Time Maintenance Free
Honda Genuine Batteries prevent overcharging and reduce the loss of electrolyte. They also eliminate the need of water refilling of the electrolyte for a long period of time.

Very Important  
Always use a genuine Honda EFB battery for Idle Stop vehicles. Never use a regular battery as the Idle Stop system will not operate as designed and the battery life will be adversely affected.


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The brake pads stop the rotation of brake discs via hydraulic pressure when the driver presses the brake pedal, causing the car to slow down or stop. Brake performance that delivers safe driving is required under continuous braking conditions or sudden braking. Other detailed factors are also required, including wear resistance, fatigue resistance and reduced levels of noise and vibrations.

Honda Security Process 
Honda Genuine Brake Pads are designed to generate a specific noise when the remaining brake pad level has become too low, to alert the driver that replacement is required (metallic screeching sound when pressing the brake pedal). 

Inspection is recommended at a Honda dealer to ensure driver and passenger safety.

Importance of serviced brake pads:

Honda Genuine Brake Pads/Brake Discs have undergone extensive testing during the car's development stages to be the perfect fit for driver and passenger safety. 

Using Honda Genuine Brake Pads/Brake Discs is the best way of ensuring an optimum balance for braking performance, including braking power, stability and durability of pads/discs. They also ensure reduced squealing and other abnormal noise.

Honda Genuine Brake Pads/Brake Discs are made from environmentally-friendly, asbestos-free materials.

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Honda’s engineers have developed a new series of engines using their unique Earth Dreams Technology which ensures the perfect balance of efficiency and performance. In developing this series of ground breaking engines, Honda has engineered a range of engine oils to match precisely the requirements of the engines.

For example in engineering Honda’s 1.6 i-DTEC award winning engine. Honda have developed a unique Green Diesel Engine Oil which ensures that the published fuel efficiency figures can not only be achieved but surpassed. In servicing your vehicle through the Authorised Honda Dealer Network, you can be sure that the engine oil developed specifically for your vehicle will be available for routine maintenance. The characteristics of the Honda Green Diesel oil are unique and is only available from your local Authorised Honda Dealer.

In today’s environment using the manufacturer’s specified oil plays a critical role in ensuring the longevity of your valued Honda. In addition to this using engine oil other than that recommended can not only have a negative effect on your engines performance over time but also your vehicles fuel economy. In fact the fuel consumption could be reduced by upto 15% by using the incorrect engine oil in your vehicle so it makes sense to use the correct oil as specified by Honda at all times.

Manual TransmissionHonda MTF III
Manual Transmission (S2000)Hypoid Gear Oil HGO-3
Automatic TransmissionHonda ATF-Z1
CVTHonda CVT-F/CVT Type 2
Cooling SystemHonda All Season Anti Freeze/Type 2 Coolant
Power SteeringHonda PSF-S
Brake SystemHonda Ultra Brake Fluid DOT 4
Differential (for 4 wheel drive)Honda DPS-F
Differential (Legend Only)Honda ATF-Z1
Manual TransmissionHonda MTF III
Manual TransmissionHonda MTF III
Engine Oil (Petrol)10W-40 Semi-Synthetic ACEA A3/B3
Engine Oil (Petrol)5W-40 Semi-Synthetic
Engine Oil (Petrol)0W20 Semi-Synthetic Fuel Efficient Oil
Engine Oil (Diesel)0W30 Fully Synthetic ACEA C2/C3 / Honda Green Diesel (1.6i-DTEC
Engine Oil (Hybrid)Honda Green Oil
Engine Oil (1.6-DTEC Diesel)Honda Green Diesel

The manufacturer reserve the right to vary their specification, including colours, with or without notice at such times in such manner as they think fit. Major as well as minor changes may be involved. Every effort, however, is made to ensure the accuracy of the particulars contained in this leaflet. Please consult the Dealer with whom your order is placed for details of the specification of any particular product.

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Wipers are a simple but important part of your vehicles comfort and safety. The rubber of wiper blades gradually deteriorates due to usage conditions, temperature changes, sunlight or acid rain. This increases frictional resistance where the rubber is in direct contact with the glass, causing juddering.

Honda's Advice: Wiper rubber and wiper blades must be replaced under the following conditions 

  • The rubber jumps when operating the wipers (called juddering). Juddering may also occur if the wiper blades are bent or the glass surface is dirty. 
  • Streaks on the glass surface when operating the wipers. If dirt has adhered to the blade rubber or deterioration has occurred to form cracks, the wiping efficiency may reduce partially, leaving streaks on the glass surface. 
  • Smearing of the glass surface when operating the wipers (smearing). Oil or other contaminants on the wiper rubber can cause smearing on the glass surface, distorting visibility.

Visibility is part of your safety 

When wiper rubber wipes away ordinary raindrops, they leave a uniform film to ensure a safe level of visibility. Yet when oil containing exhaust gas from surrounding cars (in particular diesel trucks), wax or similar substances adhere to the glass surface, parts of the rubber also adheres to the glass surface, resulting in an uneven film being generated and distorted visibility. If visibility is distorted, check the rubber, and clean or replace them at your Authorised Honda dealer. 

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Honda Genuine Wiper Blade Rubber has been developed to suit the front glass curvature of Honda cars, and this ideal shape provides the best wiping performance.

Honda Genuine Maintenance Parts are available throughout the Honda Dealer network. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask our servicing experts at your local authorised Honda dealership.

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