How to maintain your car battery during lockdown


During these times of restricted movement, when your car might be parked up for long periods of time without being driven, it’s important to keep your battery maintained. Even when the car is switched off, electrical items running in the background such as security devices and vehicle control units can drain the battery. 

Step 1:

If your car is parked for a long period of time you should simply start it up once a week and let it run for around 15 minutes. Not only will this give the battery time to increase its charge, but will also circulate oil and fuel around the engine. 

Step 2:

While the car is running, turn the air conditioning on as this will help maintain the seals in the air conditioning system and reduce the chance of mould developing in your car’s air circulation system. 

Avoid turning your car on and off again in quick succession as the starter motor requires battery power each time it’s used, which won’t be replenished unless the battery is given time to charge. 

Never leave your car unattended when it’s switched on and always ensure that the vehicle is out doors when starting and running.

In the event that your vehicle fails to start due to a flat battery call your local authorised Honda Dealer or if your car is covered under the HondaCare Roadside Assistance programme then call 1850 85 85 11 and ask for assistance.



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